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painting on canvas

So I was there at De Serres, looking for the 12 x 16″ acrylic paper I like to use for my “sketches” a couple of weeks ago, but the store was fresh out. I asked a sales lady what the story was and after having looked remarked that yes, we were apparently out of stock. She suggested that I try the small sheets of canvas, with 10 per pad at the same size (12 x 16″) and so I bought the one pad thinking I’d give them a try.

Good news is that I’m really liking the painting on canvas… and the sheets do not curl in the slightest, meaning that when I go to tape them up on the wall in my photo studio they lay snug against the wall.

So I’m going to paint on small canvas, I think, from now on.




I ran out of acrylic paper for my sketches recently and so bought a pad of 12 x 16″ canvas, which works really well for me. It sits totally flat on a table, easy to mount on board, easy to frame or ship. So I might continue working with them from now on.

Some concepts I’m working on for a series of abstract commissions…


Things 5, 12 x 16″ acrylic on canvas


Things 3, 12 x 16″ acrylic on canvas


Getting a good feel

It’s always great to get a feeling of what a larger painting could look like, just by quickly doing up a smaller one on paper. I found some reference and put together the following study, which in turn helped me enormously when I painted it up at the 24 x 36″ size.


Sand and Sea, 12 x 16″ acrylic on paper


The larger painting…



As an artist I was saddened to hear about a noted innovator and brave frontiersman in music, one David Bowie, had passed on (I didn’t even realize he was ill, although I heard he’d suffered a heart attack a year or so ago).

I grew up with Bowie and remember listening to many of his songs with old mates Mike and Greg in high school. He was out there but even we red-necked suburbanites appreciated his talent and arresting, avant garde music. What a blast he always seemed to be having!… What a blast we had listening to his tunes.

Just a though about a great personal motto: To boldly go where no man has gone before. Thanks, David.



post fall open house

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our home in Kanata to check out some art and say hello! Special thanks to my collectors who make everything just a bit better… it was a great success, selling quite a number of  paintings on a beautiful November weekend. It was great to meet some new neighbours and see my awesome cousins, like Jane and Maria, always so full of support since our move to Ottawa over 4 years ago.


Open Studio Nov 21-22nd

As mentioned in my site, very excited about the Open Studio coming up this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm… we have many new smaller works as well as many paper studies which will be available. Look forward to meeting neighbours, friends and collectors this weekend, 44 Pellan Crescent in Ottawa

Below are 2 featured paper studies for those interested. See you here this weekend!

findingthings_11x15  cropped-look_11x15.jpg


Open Studio, Nov 21-22nd

Unlike last spring, when unfortunately my Open Studio date overlapped with that of the Kanata Artists Tour, I’m trying to avoid conflicting with any date of local talent… to that end I’ve decided that the 21st-22nd of November will work the best, hopefully.

The house/studio will be open from 12pm-6pm each day, and all are welcome to drop by!