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Working away

Or should I say playing?… I’m getting ready for my show at the Westmount Gallery in 2 weeks with small and medium size figures and some larger abstract paintings. Sorry for the delay in blogging but hope to continue to get paintings ready for petersketches!

My smaller paintings, 12 x 16″, are now being done on sheets of canvas, that roll and glue beautifully onto board for mounting or framing. They look fantastic!


paintings on canvas

Been a while since my last post! This web site is not my main one and has been neglected, sadly. Hope to bring it back to life and have found a better medium for me to use… sheets of canvas, mainly 12 x 16″ in size, which are super easy to ship and super easy to mount. 

I’m going to be posting more of these as they come along and pay in mind that I can make prints of any of the work I’ve done. Just write me and ask!



Artist Project, booth #639

Well, the Artist Project starts tomorrow… I’m getting my paintings and tools all together to head down to Toronto for the big event. Anyone heading over to it, please stop by my booth, $639 at the Better Living Centre in Exhibition Place. Featuring almost entirely new work, large pieces.

Here’s the web site

Brighen, 40 x 40″
acrylic on canvas


December notes

I’ve decided to make a bit of a change to my site… The Buy Now option is no longer with us… it was malfunctioning and I’ve decided that it’s best if customers just contact me if they’re interested in one of the paintings. If I don’t have it here in my Ottawa studio I can either paint a similar one or point them to the gallery where it now resides.


East Coast of U.S. and Canada trip

Great one-week trip with my family to the east coast!… to Maine, up through the Bay of Fundy, P.E.I., back through the best parts of New Brunswick and Quebec. I loved it all and was most surprised by the understated calm and beauty of P.E.I. and the Charlevoix in Quebec, just 2 hours east of Quebec City on the north coast of the might St. Lawrence. I took lots of pictures for future studies and can’t wait to get some unique interpretations to canvas!


Sybil Frank Gallery

Made a quick trip down to Wellington in Prince Edward County yesterday, meeting Craig Alexander, proprietor of the new Sybil Frank Gallery. I left him with some of my paintings (large to medium-sized landscapes) and told him I always had an interest in finding representation in Beautiful Prince Edward County.

His new gallery looks great and while it is small it has huge promise. Craig is passionate about art and anyone venturing into his gallery is in for a treat. Check it out… just off main street, Wellington.


from Lugano







So easy to lose touch with old friends… Ted and I used to attend Toronto Maple Leaf games together when we were about 10 years old. We’d take the bus and subway all the way to downtown all by ourselves, finding ourselves part of the huge throngs of folks filing in and out of the Gardens. I hate to say it but at the time the tickets cost all of $2.50 each up in the cheap seats where we were.

We both attended Saint Marks and then Saint Felix for grades 7 and 8. At that point my family moved to the Markland Woods area of Etobicoke and Ted attended a different high school then I did. So we lost touch, until we happened to meet briefly while attending Humber College about 35 years ago. It was great to see him then, but a rare gift to have him here all the way from Europe to visit our place in Ottawa (very interested in art). A fantastic guy, great wife and son and what a friend to think of me after all these years. Keep in touch, Ted!


New Art Festival

Wow… what a ride, from waking up to pouring rain on Saturday morning to steady cold winds on a super chilly in Ottawa. What happened to summer?… seems its taken a brief hiatus. Personally, I was delighted to find my tent still in place when I arrived Sunday morning for the end of the 2-day show. If it had blown away I would have found a nice breakfast place with a large coffee in my hands.

I really enjoyed the show, with the sales of my smaller paintings to the hopes of selling the large when my erstwhile collectors check out my site, pop by to visit me at the studio or check out Wall Space Gallery for other samplings of my work.

Thanks for the interest, your kind words and hope to catch up with you soon.