Monthly Archives: January 2016

Getting a good feel

It’s always great to get a feeling of what a larger painting could look like, just by quickly doing up a smaller one on paper. I found some reference and put together the following study, which in turn helped me enormously when I painted it up at the 24 x 36″ size.


Sand and Sea, 12 x 16″ acrylic on paper


The larger painting…



As an artist I was saddened to hear about a noted innovator and brave frontiersman in music, one David Bowie, had passed on (I didn’t even realize he was ill, although I heard he’d suffered a heart attack a year or so ago).

I grew up with Bowie and remember listening to many of his songs with old mates Mike and Greg in high school. He was out there but even we red-necked suburbanites appreciated his talent and arresting, avant garde music. What a blast he always seemed to be having!… What a blast we had listening to his tunes.

Just a though about a great personal motto: To boldly go where no man has gone before. Thanks, David.